I’m glad you’re here.

I realize you probably have a lot of questions. You might not have any idea of what coaching is or how it works. You may even be a little suspicious. You may wonder if your hurdles are too big, too small or too personal to share with a stranger. Are you arguing with yourself? Thinking you should just leave well enough alone? Why open Pandora’s Box? You may even be feeling a bit embarrassed by the notion of hiring a coach. I mean, your parents didn’t have a coach and they turned out just fine, right?

Trust me. This is exactly how I felt before I hired my first coach. These are all perfect points to enter coaching.

Why take a chance on coaching? Because coaching changes lives. Quickly. You’ll start feeling more aligned, more yourself usually from our first session.

I have been coaching long enough to see the most extraordinary transformations: in relationships, in health, in career advancements, marriages, divorce recovery, people-pleasing, peace, forgiveness, boundary setting, parenting, self-confidence, clarity…I could go on and on.

Every single person could use a tune-up, which is why all the most successful people employ coaches to keep them at their peak. Who doesn’t want to live with purpose and passion? To be able to make good decisions quickly? To make the most of their short time on earth? To feel comfortable in their own skin? To live without regrets? To bring their best self to work, relationships and play?

No one part of our life exists in a vacuum. When you work on one area of your life, every facet is affected. That’s why I love the work I do. Coaching gives you safe space and dedicated time to make simple yet profound mindset shifts. You will think more clearly. You will discover a new strength and resolve. You will parent more effectively. You will be healthier. You will elevate your thoughts and upgrade your decision making. Your relationships, your career, your health and your peace of mind will blossom.

You are the expert in your life. No matter how confused or stuck or unhappy you may feel, I promise you, you are whole. You are enough. You’ve got what it takes to overcome obstacles, identify your blind spots, clearly see your patterns and learn to identify old, worn out stories you replay in your life.

I’ll ask powerful questions and you’ll discover answers deep within you that will get you those ‘Aha’ moments you read about in magazines. You will develop a blue print of how you want to live. There will be accountability. You’ll gain clarity. You will move forward quickly and efficiently. You will not believe the results.

My Story

I know the feeling of being stuck. I looked like I had it all together. I had the adoring husband. I had healthy, happy kids. I had a job I loved, a beautiful home. I lived abroad and enjoyed international travel.

And yet I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was feeling trapped by the beautiful life I had worked so hard to cultivate.

I felt anxious and began questioning myself and my worth. I felt guilty about everything: I felt guilty about wanting more when my life looked perfect. I felt guilty about focusing on myself when my kids deserved all the time, attention and money we had. I felt guilty that all that I had couldn’t fill my soul.

The gnawing inside me had become a howl.

I wondered why I couldn’t fix myself. Pampering didn’t help. Travel couldn’t fill me for long. Busyness was a mask.

I worried if I searched too deeply for answers it might lead me to some horrible truth about myself, some unlovable character flaw that might destroy the beautiful life I had worked so hard to create. So, I maintained the status quo. I stayed stuck.

LIsa photo shoot booty

Martyrdom is not pretty. Resentment is unhealthy. My kids deserved a healthy role model. My husband deserved someone who was present, purposeful and passionate.

Finally, feeling like I would implode, I hired a life coach.

Immediately felt lighter. I could breathe again. It didn’t take long before got clear about what mattered most to me and, as they say, the rest is history. I went back to school, got a coaching certificate and started my own coaching practice where I work with clients who want to go from stuck and sinking to feeling more: more freedom, more fun and more fulfillment.

I love what I do. Let’s talk.