Imagine if your son had the opportunity to build his own personal blueprint to help him get from where he is today to where he wants to be tomorrow. Imagine if your daughter could create a plan that could increase her self-awareness, her confidence, her self-esteem. Imagine if your child could effectively handle change, pressure, disappointment, and success.

Your child’s hopes and dreams are all within reach. They just need to identify who they want to be and discover how the choices they make will lead them closer to or further from the person they want to be.

Personal Branding for Young Adults isn’t about adding one more activity to give your child the edge in college applications or job searches, though that can be a by-product of the package. This is about your child becoming more comfortable in his or her own skin. This is about your child learning to celebrate himself and gain the courage to become a person that he was meant to be.

Personal Branding for Young Adults is for students aged 14-20 who want to make smart choices that make them feel empowered in the long run, not just in the moment. This package is for kids who want to live more confidently, to find their authentic voice. This is for kids who want to learn the tricks of solid decision-making that will support who they want to become in the future.

This package consists of four, one-hour sessions per week. All sessions take place over the phone. As long as your teen is not distracted and feels comfortable talking openly, the sessions can take place anywhere.

What this is:

  • Dedicated time for your child to contemplate their ideals and build a roadmap to becoming the kind of person he or she admires.
  • Equal parts think-tank and workshop. Your child’s participation is both essential necessary.
  • A judgment-free zone that foster’s celebration, courage, and introspection.
  • Decision Making 101.
  • No nonsense, fun and practical ideas on how to leave childlike behavior behind in order to transition into deliberate and purpose-based living associated with successful ‘adulting’.
  • Life hacks that your child can use for a lifetime.

What this is not:

  • A fix-my-kid-quick program. These sessions are about setting a new course and learning how to course correct over long periods of time.
  • A rigid, cookie cutter program. Sessions are client-specific and organic. Your child’s best interest will always come first.
  • A backseat into your child’s mind. Sessions are confidential. Only if I feel your child is in danger will I discuss our sessions with you. Trust me. It is best this way.
  • A free-pass from parental angst. Your child will be trying out new mindsets and approaches. It may be startling at first. You just might find you’ll be growing alongside them.

Who is an ideal candidate?

  • Boys or girls, aged 14-20, who are lost trying to please everyone but themselves.
  • Any young adult who is willing to talk about their concerns, their dreams. Honesty rules.
  • Kids who want more from themselves but don’t know where to start.
  • Kids who are open to new ways of thinking.
  • Kids who welcome the thought of being authentic and living comfortably in their own skin.
  • Kids whose parents truly value independence. Kids can’t learn to fly if their parents are helicoptering.

Think this might be just the thing your child needs? I’d love to help them help themselves!

To get started, have them write a brief description of why they’d like to work with me. They can write about why they’d like to feel more confident or why they want to make better decisions. Mostly, I would just like to better understand what they would like out of our sessions. After I receive their input, I’ll be in touch with you.

I’m Ready!