• As my life coach, T-Ann invested the time in me to establish my life values. This single act helped me cut through the clutter and heaviness in my life so I now make decisions based on what is truly important to me. She gave me a great gift -- - the toolsand guidance to live my life from a place of strength, purpose, and clarity.

    Vanessa, Grayslake
  • T-Ann did in one session what no self-help book could ever do. She helped me clear out my subconscious of untruths so I could focus on what I want in my future. We spend so much time and money on tutors, teachers and coaches for our children. Why would we not spend a moment on ourselves to improve what makes us great individually and professionally? I have never been one for therapists. One session with T-Ann honestly help me cut through the BS story line of my life. I highly recommend you schedule a coaching session for yourself!

    Kristen, Lake Forest
  • We have faced death together. With two back-to- back tragic deaths to endure, T-Ann was a rock at my side. I would not have been able to see through all the chaos to stay present and focus on finding the joy and counting the blessings that I have all around me. I can't encourage you enough to reach out and just start a dialogue with T-Ann. See where it can take you. See what doors it opens. It isn't about changing the past, it is about seeing your future and allowing yourself to have the best possible life.

    Elizabeth, Denver
  • When I started working with T-Ann I was a shell. I looked like I had it all: a husband, four great kids and my own business. I was miserable walking on eggshells trying to keep everyone else happy. I was so out of touch with my own wants and needs, I didn’t know where to begin to change things. Starting from my first session with T-Ann, I had clarity. I knew what I wanted, even though it all seemed impossible and even greedy to want so much happiness. I learned to take small manageable steps. I was out of my comfort zone, but never felt overwhelmed. Things began to shift. I was feeling lighter and more in control. I stopped procrastinating. I learned to delegate. I learned to speak up. I learned to communicate my needs which made all the difference both at home and at work. Fast forward to me losing 60 pounds, finding the time I swore I didn’t have to travel the world and spend more time with friends. I have achieved every impossible dream I set for myself during my first session with T-Ann. If you could see me now!"

    Ellen, Milwaukee
  • The experience of working with T-Ann adds value to my life everyday. I now work with myself instead of against myself. For the first time in my life, I am happy from the inside out and my head is clear and free of clutter. Even with an ocean between us, T-Ann’s warm style created a trusting environment. Everyone deserves to be her best self. Don’t wait until tomorrow!

    Liz, Cincinnati
  • T-Ann truly connected with my students when she spoke with the Professional Role Development graduate-level class regarding conscious decision making. She encouraged them to really think about their choices and what was driving them. Ten weeks later the students are still discussing how her words are positively influencing their job search and lives.

    Lori, DePaul University
  • I was immediately drawn to T-Ann’s honesty and her passion for life. T-Ann listened to me without judgement for as long as I needed to talk. There is something about the way T-Ann listens that empowers. The respect and warmth she she shows is comforting. T-Ann accepted me, giving me the space to be myself and assisted me to grow from there.

    Tracey, NSW Australia
  • During the last six months of 2012, I have been taken to a haven of complete safety. T-Ann, with your love, care, commitment and faith, I have been able to take daily steps which has enabled me to develop into the person I would never have dreamed possible and to become whole again. For this I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    Anne, Cheltenham, England
  • My ‘aha’ moment: I saw that believing my fears could affect not just me, but everyone around me that I love. And right then and there, I decided to take responsibility for choosing to either believe my fears or not. It was just the kick in the tush I needed to rise to a new level, professionally and personally. During our conversations, I felt emotionally supported and taken care of. T-Ann’s manner is so soothing and compassionate. Throughout our sessions, it felt like T-Ann was able to read my mind. She knew when I needed some extra direction and when I just needed an extra pause to think something through. I feel blessed to work with T-Ann.

    Daniella, New York
  • I found a new motivation within myself and I now know how to overcome the inner struggles I faced. T-Ann has provided me with a clear and focused direction and I know how to prioritize my life because now I know what is most important to me. T-Ann is so easy to talk to and it is amazing what answers you find when you are asked the right questions. She helped me find a new belief in myself: I Am Enough!

    Meghan, Dubai
  • It is easy to make statements to say you want a different life or want change. Without having a map or plan for those changes, you will not be successful. Dreams can be deferred forever. By working with T-Ann to define the dream, the plan and the strategies needed, I am poised to achieve my dreams. Working with T-Ann is highly recommended. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll move forward!

    Elizabeth, Chicago