A while back, emails from an online magazine started appearing in my inbox. The emails, inviting me to write for the magazine, were signed by ‘Tina’. Please. As if there was human sending these. I was certain they were spam. I deleted them all.

Later, I answered a call from an unknown number. It was ‘Tina’. Assuming I was going to be strong armed into purchasing something, I was curt, answering her questions in one word answers. Tina didn’t seem to notice. She was warm, funny, friendly and obviously smart. I trusted and liked her without hesitation.

I started writing for Your Tango.

I met Tina face to face for the first time this past weekend at a writing conference in NYC. Tina changed the trajectory of my life. Because of her persistence, I now consider myself a writer. Because of her warmth, I have a support system of brilliant minded coaches, strategists and peers to direct and encourage me. These people know the darkest shadows of my soul. They introduced me to worthy parts of myself, tucked away so deeply, I didn’t know they existed.

One of the best things I ever did in my life was to say ‘yes’ to Tina. Tina lead me to a hallway of endless open doors.

This year, I resolved to start saying ‘yes’. A lot. What the hell? Why not? What was I waiting for? I wondered what it would look and feel like to trust myself, to trust Big Magic.

Funny what happens when you take your foot off the brake. Five months into this new mindset, I am bombarded by amazing opportunities. My days look nothing like they did six months ago. I am still in awe of all that has shown up in my life.

Good Lord, it is uncomfortable. I am out of my comfort zone every single day, but I am equally as alive.

Here’s the thing. I have a lifetime of reasons to trust myself. I have a great life. I have a history of doing a lot of stuff well. I’ve been a kid, a student, an employee, a friend, a niece, a cousin, a wife, a mom, a traveler, a coach, a writer. I’ve seen weird things, weathered hard times. I’ve picked myself from the bootstraps and carried on when I thought I couldn’t go an inch further. I’ve lived through grief and loss and uncertainty. I’ve had ridiculous amounts of fun. I’ve witnessed beauty so profound it’s reduced me to tears. I love like crazy.

What makes me think that by saying ‘yes’, my beautiful life will implode? What is the cost of the knee-jerk ‘no’?

I’ve had enough of being small and safe. I’m shaking things up with the use of the very simple word, ‘yes’.

I’m mining for a new normal.

Anyone care to join me? Seriously. Let me know. If you, too, are ready to take your foot off a brake a bit, I’m here. I’d love to share this thrill ride with others.

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