Hi, I’m T-Ann. I’m so glad you’re here.

I’m a life coach, a speaker, a writer, and a lifestyle junkie. I activate and inspire moms to reach their full potential – for themselves, their relationships, their careers, and their kids.

I spent a long time living under the radar, pretending reaching my full potential didn’t really matter to me if everyone else in my life was happy. And at some point, living this way began eating away at my soul.

My life looked pretty normal on the outside until about 10 years ago.

I grew up in a leafy suburb outside of Chicago. Growing up, my life looked pretty average, but, in fact, it was tumultuous, unbalanced, and strained.

I wasn’t raised to have a voice, let alone stick up for myself. As a kid, I learned quickly how to identify stress, pain, and negativity coming through the door. I instinctively became a master peacekeeper, helper, and pleaser.

My experience growing up in an anxious household strengthened my intuitive nature and made me vulnerable, in a good way. I could feel a person’s energy instantly.

Little did I know this gift would become my coaching super-power, that my childhood gift of self-preservation would later define my purpose.

I knew from an early age there was something special about me; I knew I could understand and feel people deeply and intuitively. 

I remember being a little girl, maybe 7-years-old when I made a powerful decision. I decided my life would be safe, filled with humor, and compassion. I clearly envisioned the marriage and family I would have. I wanted to be comfortable being me. At a young age, I knew what I didn’t want. Then, as I got older, I went about becoming clear on what I did want.

Be vulnerable. Be Visible. Be Authentic. Take a risk. Trust me and trust yourself. Discover the life you have been so desperately seeking.

Trust me, it’s freaking liberating on the other side.

Your partner in freedom.